Finally! Reduced fees for FHA Streamline Refis!

Starting June 11th, FHA will make a BIG reduction in FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Fees (MIP) for their Streamline Refis.  This is huge because most people lately, regardless of great rates, haven’t been able to refi becuase it would raise their monthly mortgage insurance too much.  But if your current loan was aquired before June 1, 2009 then you qualify for the new terms.  Contact me for more details on FHA or any other loan program. Click To Open This Post

Knowing and Building your Credit Score

Please forward to a friend or anyone that you know that may benefit! The decision as to whether you secure financing, as well as your corresponding terms, is based on two important factors; your credit score and the details listed on your credit report. Before you apply for a mortgage, auto loan, credit card or other large item financing, it’s critical to conduct a review of your credit profile. I’ve seen a fair number of clients lately that have had their credit scores negatively affected by little things which caused their terms to be higher. Similarly, I have seen clients […] Click To Open This Post

Hello Valued Clients & World!

Today is a proud day for me!  After 18 years in the lending business, I launch my own hand built website  to add to my tools and ongoing mission of serving my clients to the highest ability.  Bill’s Loan Solutions was created with the purpose of providing additional access and convenience for my clients with the help of their mortgages.  But beyond that, my site and blog will also provide continued value with tips on how to save money.  Together, through my hard work and your goals, we’ll create New Possibilities through Lending!   Please subscribe and forward to anyone that you […] Click To Open This Post